Product Design // User Experience Design // User Interface Design


Details: Sales were declining and the challenge was to create an alternative layout and design of the Proactiv+ homepage and landing page to improve sales online and beat the current (control) design.

The Challenge: People were confused about the products when coming to the site and not certain results would be worth the purchase. How do we make the site easier for consumers to see the all the products and their differences and how can we make the ordering process simpler for a seamless experience?

The Game Plan:

  1. Interview users for feedback
  2. Conduct heuristic evaluations
  3. Identify user journeys
  4. Architect a solution
  5. Design a new layout

My Role: User Research, Strategy, Sketching, Wireframing, and Design

Research & Findings

Affinity Diagram

According to user interviews, the top 3 users' goals were to:

  1. Shop Products
  2. Learn how Proacti+ can help improve skin
  3. See real results
Affinity Diagram & Behavior Variables

Heuristic Evaluation & Remote User Testing

User interviews and a heuristic evaluation helped identify areas in the current (control) design that needed improvements.

User Journey Maps

Taking a step back and identifying the user journey on the control helped map out areas of improvement.

Control User Journey Map

Reimagined User Journey Map

How It All Came Together

Sketches & Wireframes


Final Design