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Details: I collaborated with a team of 4 to create an e-commerce site that would address the following health/dietary dilemma: It's hard to find tasty, affordable snacks for specific dietary needs.

The Challenge: How do we allow people to create snacks customized to their dietary restrictions that is easy and accessible?

The Game Plan:

  1. Interview people for their opinion and insight
  2. Evaulate the data
  3. Create a persona
  4. Architect a solution
  5. Prototype an app

My Role: User Research, Data Analyzing, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, and User Testing

Research & Findings

Affinity Diagram & Behavior Variables

We went out asking people in various walks of life to tell us about their snacking and health habits. Those interviewed included parents, students, and young professionals; active and inactive people; and people who ranged in class, race, and age. I set up discussion guides with open ended questions and allowed them to talk freely as if we were having a casual conversation.

Affinity Diagram & Behavior Variables

Persona & Context Scenario

The average user interested in healthy snack alternatives were mainly mid to upper-class individuals who were concerned about the quality of life for themselves or their families. They were health-conscious, busy, and educated. From the data collection, the primary persona of "Maggie" was created. Concerned for her son's allgery, we imagined her investigating healthy snacks alternatives that her whole family could enjoy, piquing her interest in Sunshine Trail Mix.


Information Architecture, Site Map, and User Flow

Taking the data that was provided allowed us to prioritize the features for the prototype.

Information Architecture
Site Map
User Flow

How It All Came Together

Sketches & Wireframes



The prototype can be viewed in InVision. Feel free to let me know your feedback.